9/21/15 - NEW this year! We have a fantastic new event called "Shepherds Talk Fiber" - a scheduled list of talks about breeds focusing on their fiber. Our presenters have been asked to provide a 5 min intro of their breed, highlighting its fiber & Breed Association information. What is the breed standard for the showcased breed, color, micron, special characteristics, historical and/or current uses?
Any special care and handling of the sheep to produce great fiber (Breeding choices, nutrition, stress, coating, controlling vegetable matter, effects of lambing or age)
15 Minute Presentation or Demo
This can be spinning and talking about various ways to spin the breed for different results, OR
Recommendations on how to have it commercially prepared (what spin or ply or weight of yarn best highlight your breed’s characteristics etc.)
Talk and/or demonstrate felting, or weaving or any other ‘best use’ for the breed’s fiber and what makes it special,
You might see them could skirt a fleece, or do just about anything they want to get you excited about their breed’s fiber (why they love it?)
5 Min Question and answer.
Show up on time to learn about breeds that would work for your new flock (hint hint), or types of fiber you may never have worked with before. Enjoy! Add the talks to your Sched so you get reminders and can plan your festival experience.

Our 2015 Schedule is evolving. Please check back to see additions and create a Sched account to start your own custom festival schedule and plan your time wisely. Share events with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter to rally them to plan the day together. Accommodations around the Hudson Valley are booking up, so if you haven’t done it, get on that ASAP. This is just the schedule - see our official website www.sheepandwool.com to volunteer and see more pics.

A Touch of Twist

Booth 7, 8, Bldg 35 
avatar for Aba's Falafel - FOOD

Aba's Falafel - FOOD

Booth 1, Bldg OD23
avatar for Adirondack Yarns, Inc

Adirondack Yarns, Inc

Booth 7 , 8, Bldg A 
avatar for American Coopworth Registry

American Coopworth Registry

Booth 20 , Bldg 30 
avatar for American Country Rugs

American Country Rugs

Booth 24 , Bldg A 
avatar for Amity Farm Batik

Amity Farm Batik

Booth 24 , Bldg 31 

Amondale Farms

Booth 13 , Bldg 29 

Ancient Textiles

Booth 12 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Angoraonline


Booth 1 , Bldg 39 

Apple Country Supply

Booth 27 , Bldg 22D 

Autumn House Farm & Fiberworks

Booth 10 , 19, 20, Bldg 35 
avatar for Barneswallow Farm

Barneswallow Farm

Booth 32 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Bead Biz

Bead Biz

Booth 4 , Bldg B 
avatar for Bedfellows Blankets

Bedfellows Blankets

Booth 26 , Bldg 22D 

Bella Terra Farm - FOOD

Booth 4, Bldg OD23
avatar for Bijou Basin Ranch

Bijou Basin Ranch

Booth 13, 14, Bldg C 

Biltmore Wool Barn

Booth 10 , Bldg 39 
avatar for BitsyKnits


Booth 25, 26, Bldg C 

Black Oak Wool Company

Booth 14, 15, Bldg 35 

Black Sheep Design

Booth 8 , Bldg 22U 
avatar for Blackberry Hill Farm

Blackberry Hill Farm

Booth 9, 10 , Bldg 29 
avatar for Bosworth Spindles

Bosworth Spindles

Booth 40 , Bldg A 
avatar for Briar Rose Fibers, LLC

Briar Rose Fibers, LLC

Booth 8 , Bldg 27A 
avatar for Brooks Farm

Brooks Farm

Booth 33-35, Bldg A 
avatar for Buckwheat Bridge Angoras

Buckwheat Bridge Angoras

Booth 7, 12 , Bldg 22U 
avatar for Burgis Brook Farm Alpacas

Burgis Brook Farm Alpacas

Booth 16 , Bldg 35 
avatar for Cara Romano Studio Jewelry

Cara Romano Studio Jewelry

Booth 36 , Bldg C 
avatar for Carodan Farm Wool Shop

Carodan Farm Wool Shop

Booth 7, 8, Bldg 39 

Carolina Homespun

Booth 14-17, Bldg 39 
avatar for Cat's View Farm

Cat's View Farm

Booth 19 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Catskill Merino Sheep Farm

Catskill Merino Sheep Farm

Booth 5, Bldg 30 
avatar for Catskill Native Nursery

Catskill Native Nursery

Booth 2 , Bldg 27A 

Cheesemonger - FOOD

Booth 1, 2, Bldg E 
avatar for Clare Margaret

Clare Margaret

Booth 5, Bldg 31

Cobblerock Ridge Farm LLC

Booth 15 , Bldg 29 
avatar for Cooperative Press

Cooperative Press

Booth 37 , Bldg C 
avatar for Cozy Color Works

Cozy Color Works

Booth 5 , Bldg 27A 


Booth 5 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Crispina ffrench

Crispina ffrench

Booth 14 , Bldg A 
avatar for D'Auria Designs

D'Auria Designs

Booth 15 , Bldg A 

Dan Tracy Designs LLC

Booth 24 , Bldg B 
avatar for Dancing Leaf Farm

Dancing Leaf Farm

Booth 5, 6, Bldg 39 
avatar for Dashing Star Farm

Dashing Star Farm

Booth 15 , Bldg 30 
avatar for Debra Cline

Debra Cline

Booth 16, 17, Bldg 36 
avatar for Decadent Fibers, LLC

Decadent Fibers, LLC

Booth 1, 2, 3, Bldg 30 

Delly's Delights

Booth 14, 15, Bldg 36 
avatar for Dirty Water DyeWorks

Dirty Water DyeWorks

Booth 42 , Bldg C 

Dorchester Farms

Booth 13 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Dragonfly Fibers

Dragonfly Fibers

Booth 19, 20, Bldg 39 
avatar for Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm

Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm

Booth 2, 3, Bldg 26 
avatar for Epicurean Boutique

Epicurean Boutique

Booth 18, Bldg 35 
avatar for Ernst, Sheila and Michael

Ernst, Sheila and Michael

Booth 1 , Bldg A 
avatar for Evergreen Farm

Evergreen Farm

Booth 1 , Bldg 35 
avatar for Ewe and Me Merinos

Ewe and Me Merinos

Booth 33 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Feederbrook-Potosi Farms

Feederbrook-Potosi Farms

Booth 20 , Bldg 26 

Fessler Spinning and Weaving

Booth 38 , Bldg A 

Fiber Connection

Booth 18 , Bldg 29 
avatar for Fiber Craft Studio

Fiber Craft Studio

Booth 10 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Fiber Kingdom

Fiber Kingdom

Booth 28, 29, Bldg 22D 
avatar for Fiber Optic Yarns

Fiber Optic Yarns

Booth 23, 24, Bldg C 

Fingerlakes Woolen Mill

Booth 18 , Bldg 39 

Flowering Heart

Booth 6 , Bldg 30 
avatar for Flying Goat Farm

Flying Goat Farm

Booth 13 , Bldg A 

Fold, The

Booth 32, 33, Bldg B 
avatar for Foster Sheep Farm

Foster Sheep Farm

Booth 30 , Bldg 31

Fox Hill Farm

Booth 3 , Bldg B 
avatar for Frelsi Farm Icelandics

Frelsi Farm Icelandics

Booth 21 , Bldg 22D 

Frey Livestock Supply

Booth OD33-01 , Bldg 33 
avatar for frommdesigns


Booth 2 , Bldg 39 
avatar for Germond Metal Works

Germond Metal Works

Booth 20 , Bldg 29 

Ginger Hill Farm

Booth 1 , Bldg 29 
avatar for Going Gnome

Going Gnome

Booth 10 , Bldg 36 
avatar for Good Karma Farm

Good Karma Farm

Booth 4 , Bldg 27A 

Good Shepherd, The

Booth 13 , Bldg 36 
avatar for Gore Trailer Mfg., Inc.

Gore Trailer Mfg., Inc.

Booth OD37-01 , Bldg 37
avatar for Great Adirondack Yarn Co.

Great Adirondack Yarn Co.

Booth 6, 7, Bldg 22D 
avatar for Green Mtn. Spinnery

Green Mtn. Spinnery

Booth 22 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Greenwood Hill Farm

Greenwood Hill Farm

Booth 4 , Bldg 22U 

Haag, Christine

Booth 37 , Bldg A 

Hall Traditionals

Booth 3 , Bldg 35 
avatar for Hampden Hills Alpacas

Hampden Hills Alpacas

Booth 9 , Bldg 39 

Handspun by Stefania

Booth 5 , Bldg A 
avatar for HansenCrafts LLC

HansenCrafts LLC

Booth 41 , Bldg C 

Harrisville Designs

Booth 3, 4, Bldg 39 
avatar for Heal My Hands

Heal My Hands

Booth 20 , Bldg 36 

Heavens To Betsy

Booth 20, 25, Bldg 22D 
avatar for Heirlooms


Booth 3 , Bldg 27A 

Helen Hamann

Booth 32 , Bldg A 
avatar for hellomello handspun

hellomello handspun

Booth 18 , Bldg C 
avatar for Hill, The

Hill, The

Booth 11 , Bldg 22D 

Holiday Yarns

Booth 15 , Bldg 26 

Hollyhock Hill Farm

Booth 12 , Bldg 30 
avatar for Hooked on Ewe

Hooked on Ewe

Booth 2 , Bldg B 

Hope Spinnery

Booth 11, Bldg 27A
avatar for Ideuma Creek Alpacas

Ideuma Creek Alpacas

Booth OD24-01 , Bldg 24 

In-A-Spin Fiber Arts

Booth 31 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Indian Lake Artisans

Indian Lake Artisans

Booth 17 , Bldg A 

Ink Drawings by Gene Matras

Booth 22 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Into the Whirled

Into the Whirled

Booth 38, 39, Bldg C 
avatar for It's Mine! Labels

It's Mine! Labels

Booth 15 , Bldg 22D 

J. Conner Hooked Rugs

Booth 2 , Bldg 22U 
avatar for Jacob Sheep Conservancy

Jacob Sheep Conservancy

Booth 1 , Bldg 27A 
avatar for Jamie Harmon

Jamie Harmon

Booth 2 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Jan Marek Raczkowski Studio

Jan Marek Raczkowski Studio

Booth 7 , Bldg 31 

Jennie the Potter

Booth 9 , Bldg 27A 

Joan Arnold Artist

Booth 5 , Bldg C 
avatar for juliahilbrandt


Booth 4 , Bldg 36 

Just Our Yarn

Booth 1, 2, Bldg C 

Karin Demis-Mary Ann Hoffay

Booth 4 , Bldg 35 

Kashmir Moon New York

Booth 1 , Bldg B 

Knots & Treadles

Booth 18, 19, Bldg 30 
avatar for kokonoelle


Booth 22 , Bldg C 
avatar for Koochi Ku

Koochi Ku

Booth 18 , Bldg A 
avatar for Lanart


Booth 20 , Bldg C 

Laughing Paw Farm 

Booth 12 , Bldg 35
avatar for Laura Wilensky

Laura Wilensky

Booth 7, Bldg C
avatar for Laurel Ledge Farm Fibers

Laurel Ledge Farm Fibers

Booth 13 , Bldg 27A 

Liberty Ridge Farm and Gardens

Booth 1, 2, 3, Bldg 36 
avatar for Lisa Souza Dyeworks

Lisa Souza Dyeworks

Booth 11, 12, Bldg C 

Llady Bug Llamas

Booth 12 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Long Island Yarn & Farm

Long Island Yarn & Farm

Booth 6 , Bldg C 
avatar for Long Ridge Natural Dyes

Long Ridge Natural Dyes

Booth 36 , Bldg A 
avatar for Looking Glass Sheep and Wool

Looking Glass Sheep and Wool

Booth 1 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Loop


Booth 29, 30, Bldg C 
avatar for Loop of the Loom

Loop of the Loom

Booth 21 , Bldg C 
avatar for Maggie's Farm

Maggie's Farm

Booth 26 , Bldg 31 

Magnus Wools

Booth 17, Bldg 26

Maple Creek Farm

Booth 16, 17, Bldg 29 
avatar for Maple Frost Farm

Maple Frost Farm

Booth 10, Bldg 27A

Masten, GE Feed Store

Booth OD39-01 , Bldg 39 

Mayan Hands

Booth 12 , Bldg A 

Meadowland Farm

Booth 5 , Bldg 29 
avatar for Melissa Jean Design

Melissa Jean Design

Booth 9 , Bldg 36 

Merritt Books

Booth Bldg D

Millpoint Emporium

Booth 13 , Bldg B 
avatar for Minervathena


Booth 5 , Bldg 22D 

Miriam Carter - Feltmaker

Booth 10 , Bldg 31 
avatar for Misty Mountain Farm

Misty Mountain Farm

Booth 19, 20, Bldg A 

Mohair in Motion

Booth 18, 19, Bldg 31 

Mohawk Valley Suffolks

Booth 14 , Bldg 29 

Moonlight Llamas

Booth 6 , Bldg 36 
avatar for Moonshine Design

Moonshine Design

Booth 30 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for Morning Moon Alpacas

Morning Moon Alpacas

Booth 23 , Bldg A 

Moving Mud

Booth 19 , Bldg 29 

Natural Specialties

Booth 1 , Bldg 22U 
avatar for Naturally Inspired

Naturally Inspired

Booth 22 , Bldg A 

NE Border Collie Rescue

Booth OD28-02, Bldg 28
avatar for New England Felting Supply

New England Felting Supply

Booth 33, 34, Bldg C 
avatar for North Light Fibers LLC

North Light Fibers LLC

Booth 8, 9, Bldg 22D 
avatar for O-Wool


Booth 11 , Bldg 35 

Oasis Farm Fiber Mill

Booth 2 , Bldg 29 
avatar for On the Bend - Leann Schroder

On the Bend - Leann Schroder

Booth Booth#, Bldg E
avatar for Otavalo Textiles

Otavalo Textiles

Booth 14 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Painted Spring Farm Alpacas

Painted Spring Farm Alpacas

Booth 41 , Bldg A 
avatar for Paisley Studio

Paisley Studio

Booth 28 , Bldg A 

Pam Bryan

Booth 8, 9, Bldg 30 

Paws and Reflect Glass Fusion

Booth 11 , Bldg 31 
avatar for Persimmon Tree Farm

Persimmon Tree Farm

Booth 15, 16, Bldg C 
avatar for Point of View Farm

Point of View Farm

Booth 3 , Bldg 22D 


Booth 14, 15, Bldg 31 
avatar for Primrose Yarn Co

Primrose Yarn Co

Booth 8, Bldg C 

Qiviuk Boutique NY Inc.

Booth 14, 15, Bldg B 
avatar for Raisin Cane-Mt.Rutsen Studio

Raisin Cane-Mt.Rutsen Studio

Booth 24 , Bldg 22D 
avatar for RedMaple


Booth 27 , Bldg 31 
avatar for Rhodie Hill Farm

Rhodie Hill Farm

Booth 4 , Bldg 30 

Robin's Hoods

Booth 23 , Bldg B 
avatar for Romney Ridge Yarns & Wool

Romney Ridge Yarns & Wool

Booth 7 , Bldg 36 

Rosespring Farm

Booth 1, 2, Bldg 31 

Rouge Lucet, The

Booth 11 , Bldg A 

Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm

Booth 02 , Bldg OD30 

Saratoga Llamas

Booth 21 , Bldg 26 
avatar for Sawkill Farm

Sawkill Farm

Booth 23, Bldg 31
avatar for SEACOLORS


Booth 11 , Bldg 26 

Seaport Yarn-oasisyarn

Booth 16, 26, Bldg A 

Serendipity Farm and Studio

Booth 16, 17, Bldg 22D 

Shadeyside Fibers LLC

Booth 16 , Bldg 30 

Sheep Frills

Booth 3, 4, Bldg 29 
avatar for Sheep Shed - Donna Carlstrom

Sheep Shed - Donna Carlstrom

Booth 12, 13, Bldg 31 

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