9/21/15 - NEW this year! We have a fantastic new event called "Shepherds Talk Fiber" - a scheduled list of talks about breeds focusing on their fiber. Our presenters have been asked to provide a 5 min intro of their breed, highlighting its fiber & Breed Association information. What is the breed standard for the showcased breed, color, micron, special characteristics, historical and/or current uses?
Any special care and handling of the sheep to produce great fiber (Breeding choices, nutrition, stress, coating, controlling vegetable matter, effects of lambing or age)
15 Minute Presentation or Demo
This can be spinning and talking about various ways to spin the breed for different results, OR
Recommendations on how to have it commercially prepared (what spin or ply or weight of yarn best highlight your breed’s characteristics etc.)
Talk and/or demonstrate felting, or weaving or any other ‘best use’ for the breed’s fiber and what makes it special,
You might see them could skirt a fleece, or do just about anything they want to get you excited about their breed’s fiber (why they love it?)
5 Min Question and answer.
Show up on time to learn about breeds that would work for your new flock (hint hint), or types of fiber you may never have worked with before. Enjoy! Add the talks to your Sched so you get reminders and can plan your festival experience.

Our 2015 Schedule is evolving. Please check back to see additions and create a Sched account to start your own custom festival schedule and plan your time wisely. Share events with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter to rally them to plan the day together. Accommodations around the Hudson Valley are booking up, so if you haven’t done it, get on that ASAP. This is just the schedule - see our official website www.sheepandwool.com to volunteer and see more pics.
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Sunshine Daydream Farm & Gardens
Looking for wool that is truly local .....At Sunshine Daydream Farm & Gardens we raise our fiber sheep for wool and manures (that go into the compost) .We shear and wash the wool, then dye the wool locks in one pound dye lots with flowers , roots, barks grown in our gardens . After dyeing the wool locks the spent dye flowers go into the compost with the sheep & rabbit manures. Finally , they are delivered to a small fiber mill in Maine for processing into beautiful roving and a variety of yarn blends. Sunshine Daydream Farm offers organic plant dyed batting, roving, art batts and yarn in 32 different plant colors. The wool is also handfelted into hats, handbags, mittens, iPad covers, birdpods, jackets, vests, scarves , skirts and accesories. Organic plant dyed merino/corriedale and CVM wool grown in Maine with love and respect for the Earth. Self-Raised